Night Cat

Mountain Lion (aka cougar, puma, Florida panther)

Night Cat is a classic bronze sculpture cast in standard art-quality silicon bronze and finished with a classic ferric nitrate hot patina. Notice the cat’s stealthy posture–Is it carefully taking a drink along the exposed riverbank, or is it stalking its next prey?

By Douwe Blumberg

As the child of two artists, the artistic talent of Douwe Blumberg was discovered very early on. He was born in Los Angeles, then spent a lot of time as a child in Europe where he was exposed to western artistic traditions. He attended the prestigious Idyllwild School of Arts and Music and then the University of Southern California which he followed up with 4 years of sculpture and metal working.

However, before becoming an artist, he became a professional horse trainer for 18 years. Eventually he started sculpting again. Demand for his work grew, and he chose to close his barn in 2000 to sculpt full time. Since then, he has created over 200 private and public commissions. Some of Blumberg’s most famous works are the memorials at ground zero in New York City and to commemorate the theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Blumberg is recipient of several national awards, including the 2002 Leonard J. Meiselman award in Sculpture from the American Academy of Equine Artists, the 2003 Loveland sculpture invitational, and the 2003 ADEX design award.

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Did You Know?

  • Mountain lions can’t roar! They can purr and growl, but they are incapable of roaring. They can, however, make a call similar to a human scream.
  • They are very fast and can run up to 45 miles per hour .
  • They can jump up to 18 feet high.
  • Cusco, the ancient Incan city of Peru, was designed in the shape of a cougar (mountain lion). 
  • They hunt during the night all the way from dusk till dawn.
  • They are very solitary and prefer to live alone.


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