American Alligator

American Alligator was cast in silicon bronze right in the artist’s personal foundry, which he has operated with his father since 1983.The variation in colors on this artwork was achieved through the formation of patina, which is caused by the reaction of some metal surfaces to chemicals. The process can occur naturally over time, or it can be achieved more quickly by reheating the metal and applying chemicals manually.

By David Turner

The artist, David Turner, has been a professional sculptor for 35 years, during which he has made over 60 large public commission sculptures at zoos, museums, aquariums, universities, and municipalities throughout the United States. David works from his own foundry with his father, Bill Turner, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. They are inspired by the wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay. They have over 100 public sculptures in many famous places and one of their sculptures was owned by former President George H.W. Bush.

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Dorothy Spanos

Did You Know?

  • American Alligators have been around for over a million years. They are plentiful now, but were critically endangered in the 1960s and 70s. Conservation efforts brought them back from the brink of extinction.
  • You are most likely to spot American Alligators in Florida and Louisiana, where they live in lakes, ponds, and rivers, but you can find them all over the southeastern United States. 
  • They are great swimmers as they are equipped with webbed feet and strong tails that propel them through the water. 
  • The average male is 10-15 feet long, half of which is their massive tail.
  • American Alligators can weigh as much as half a ton! While adult alligators are considered predators, baby alligators are considered prey to raccoons, bobcats, birds, and even other alligators.


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